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Why you should choose PADI–endorsed insurance

  • Unlimited Defense Costs
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • The industry’s only A++ XV rated Canadian Insurance Company
  • The Best Prices
  • No Reduced Ratios for Introductory Scuba
  • Freediver and Tec Coverage Provided

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PADI-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance.

Be Sure To Compare These Important Details To Other Policies.

When you compare these important details below to other policies in the market, you will see that the PADI-endorsed Professional Liability policy offers the greatest coverage for the best price.


Unlimited Defense Costs

With the PADI-endorsed policy there are no limits to the amount of money the insurance company will invest to defend you. Other polices in the industry either have a limit or the defense cost comes out of the total policy limits. Stay protected with the PADI-endorsed exclusive Unlimited Defense Cost coverage.

Prior Acts Coverage

Changing from one professional liability policy to another can result in a “loss of prior acts coverage” with some policies on the market, which could leave you bare for claims resulting from incidents or instruction that occurred in the past. The PADI-endorsed professional liability program provides prior acts coverage for claims dating back to your first date of uninterrupted professional liability coverage or 30 June 1992, whichever is later.

The industry’s only A++ XV rated Canadian Insurance Company

This rating means that the PADI-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance has the superior ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policy holders based on the company’s balance sheet, operating strength and performance.

The Best Prices

PADI-endorsed insurance is the most competitively priced insurance coverage available to dive professionals for the 2017-2018 policy year, with no price change from 2016. It’s the most stable insurance program in the industry today and offers you the best value.

No Reduced Ratios for Introductory Scuba

The PADI-endorsed policy provides coverage for the conduct of introductory programs that meet Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) standards. Specifically, it provides coverage for conducting open water dives at a 4:1 ratio. Other policies only provide coverage for open water dives at a 2:1 ratio (1:1 under age 15).

Freediver and Tec Coverage Provided

Other policies may add hundreds of dollars for tec coverage and may have not yet fully defined freediver coverage. For insured PADI Members, the coverage is provided, at no additional charge.

Download this brochure for an explanation of the various options offered with PADI-endorsed professional liability insurance.