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Experience the underwater water world in the UK

Diving in the UK

Discover historical wrecks, stunning coastline and incredible inland diving hot spots.

The UK is a unique and exciting destination to dive into the underwater world for the first time. Surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, North & Celtics Seas, and English Channel, it’s no wonder that there is a wealth of great diving to be found here.

The Cornish Coast in the south of the UK can provide chance encounters with Basking Sharks, whilst Scapa Flow, in the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland, is home to the purposefully sunk German fleet.

Can’t get to the coast? Head to one of the many inland scuba destinations to discover the wonder of quarry diving at sites like Vobster Quay, where you’ll find no end of underwater treasures to explore!

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Top Diving Experiences in the UK

Your PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience is the first step to exploring a side of the UK you've never seen before.

Encounter playful Grey Seals in the Farne Islands

The Farne Islands are home to over 4,000 Atlantic Grey Seals. Known affectionately as the oceans answer to puppy dogs, these inquisitive souls ensure your Farne Island experience is one to remember.

Uncover Ireland's west coast with it's famous crystal clear water

For year round diving in sheltered waters, head to Ireland’s west coast and discover the Killary Fjord, where the Connacht’s highest mountain enters the sea. The visibility, normally exceeding 10 – 20 meters, combined with abundant marine life makes the Fjords a spectacular dive destination.

Marvel at Britain's 26,000 square miles of mystical kelp forests

Kelp forests are known to be one of the most dynamic ecosystems on earth, providing a habitat and feeding ground for a multitude of marine life. Swimming through the giant kelp and happening upon its residents is a tranquil experience not to be missed.

Top Diving Experiences continued.

Explore Lundy Island

Washed by the Gulf Stream, Lundy Island’s Marine Protected Area will leave you spoilt for choice with pinnacles brimming with marine life, exposed walls covered in colourful coral and shipwrecks to explore.

Discover the world famous Scapa Flow shipwrecks in Scotland

Scapa Flow is underwater history at its very finest, home to at least 52 warship wrecks belonging to the German Imperial Navy during WWI, scuttled there in 1919.

Drift alongside basking sharks and dolphins in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man’s tidal range mean this area is a prime feeding ground for incredible marine life, including basking sharks, dolphins and seals – the perfect location for lovers of larger wildlife.

When can you dive in the UK?

You can dive in the UK year round and with the proper thermal protection, the rewards are truly astonishing, as is the biodiversity and marine life these waters attract.

While the water is cool or cold throughout the year, October offers some of warmest temperatures having been heated under the summer sun from July to September – the perfect opportunity to start your PADI journey.

Your training here in the UK will provide the perfect foundation for exploration to dive locations futher afield. Due to the cooler conditions and climate, you'll gain great confidence and skills that are easily transferable to a world of new underwater destinations.

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